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A Great Story of a Great Man

Hello Everyone, A brand new article form yours truly....... Audiophile.
As many of you may know, Dog Pound is known for his ability as a fat stack, smoke some crack, give a ho a bone playa. Dog Pound has always had the mackest game in the field, and every top playa uses The Pound as the standard in which all others must be compared. Dog Pound has simply been born with a gift to mack all the finest bitches and still have all the mother fucking riches.....

You see, about 1 month ago Dog Pound was working up a dope frenzy with all the bitches at Champs. After watching him methodically go through the stack o' ho's, I could see he had narrowed down his game to one fine fly bitch. After several seconds of convincing he finally got the chick to join us at our table where he began the final stage of his game, after 5 minutes of his most sacred pick-up lines, the bar honey had a sprinkler in her pants. Everyone at the table anxiously awaited Dog Pound's "Super Big Mack, with extra mac sauce on the side" finishing move. Then BANG, he decided it was time, so he said "SUCK THIS SHIT" while pointing at his crotch in an Ultimate Warrior fury, the chick looked up at him and replied in a super sexy voice " I choke on small bones", then se left only to leave Dog Pound wheeping like an Athalon who just found out he wasn't an Intel (just for you Spitfire). This would be the first defeat for Dog Pound, and as you will find out, not the last.

After Dog Pound's defeat, his evident sexual mortality would start a downward spiral of decline after decline, leading to standards that would sit at an all time low. Soon Dog Pound would volunteer to operate the wheelchair lift on the "Wayne Bus" where he could once again experience victory with all the retards and throwbacks. It was on the "Wayne Bus" where Dog Pound would meet a beautiful young under-aged girl who's spine was crushed in a circus accident, this would be the perfect girl to send Dog Pound up the ladder of sexual success once again. Dog Pound fought tooth and nail to win over his new found woman. After months of persistence a shimmer of hope was developing for Dog Pound as the chance for some Parapelegic cold hole seemed to be on the horizon. Then one friday night at TJ's on 3rd Dog Pound ran into his girlfriend with the round legs. This was the finest opportunity to prove to not only himself, but his friends, that he would once again be victorious. So he got his good friend Blue4130 to deliver only the finest rose to her table. Upon delivering the rose in the name of Dog Pound, Blue4130 would ask the beautiful woman if she had a boyfriend, and if not, would she mind being dragged out of her chair onto the dance floor where Dog Pound could attempt to dance with her despite her jellylike legs acting as obstacles. Well this obviously did not make her boyfriend very happy considering he was sitting right beside her with his hand on her breasts (Blue4130 what were you thinking ? ). Her boyfriend stood up and said "What kind of a pussy would send his/her friend to ask another person if they are single". Where is this Dog Pound mother fucker? Blue4130 then identified Dog Pound, he was then dragged out of TJ's where he was delivered a swift, effective beating.

Dog Pound was devastated, he had suffered an enormous blow to his ego and style. He is now struggling to update his Mack Frenzy (Version 2.1.3 Beta) and polish up on his L33T |-|O SK||_|_Z. The Dog Pound support website is located at I now leave you with a famous quote from none other than The Pound in his prime.." I'm not a player I just like to fuck a lot..... peace out"