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Fredish - the girl, the myth, the legend


1. full name: Fred
2. date of birth: December 23 1981
4. hair color? Reddish Blonde
5. eye color? Blue
6. height: 5'4"
7. weight: 111 lbs
8. favorite toothpaste? No spearmint!
9. where do you live?: S'toon
10. school?: WMCI
11. sibs: Two Brothers -- Jim and Kevin, A Sister -- Erin
12. nickname: Fred, Fredish, Freddy, Fredder, Freddo
13. bf/gf? yup... Bf... Vance... *smile*
14. close friends: Robin, and everybody else i love lots.
15. funniest person you know? Haven't really thought about it much.
16. favorite shampoo/ conditioner? Clairol Herbal Essence
17. favorite perfume/cologne: Om... but the bastards stopped making it... grrr... so now I'm forced to use Oceanus.
18. do you make fun of people? Yeah, but generally in a happy way.
19. whats your dream car? Does it run?
20. piercings: 1 in my left ear and 2 in my right.
21. favorite ice cream: It's all wonderful.
22. favorite soda: Sprite.
23. when is your bedtime? What's bed?
24. favorite book: The Lorax
25. have you ever broken a bone? My nose... Twice...
26. ever cheated on a test? We won't get into this.
27. do you believe in love at first sight? Sort of
28. do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or blah to romance? Is in the middle an option... Romance is important, but not vital to me.
29. are you into PDAS? Depends who's taking part in it... If it's me, sure...
30. pool or hot tubs? How about both.
31. thunderstorms- exciting or deadly? Fun.
32. tall or short? Depends who i'm with
33. when was the last time you took a shower? This afternoon
34. do you have aol? AOL sucks.
35. best feeling in the world: Warmth
36. worst feeling in the world: Coldth
37. if you could change one thing about the past what would it be? Not sayig goodbye properly to so many people i should have.
38. do you have braces? Nope :)
39. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I'd care more about my health.
40. who is your role model? Dr. Seuss
41. favorite fast food restaurant: McFood!!!
42. least favorite fast food place: Burger King
43. where did you go to elementary school? Clavet, River Hieghts.
44. what is your most humiliating moment? Dunno.
45. guys, with or without hats? I like Vance's hat... but it hits my forehead sometimes when i kiss him :)
46. favorite soundtrack: Mallrats, Lost Highway
47. 1st thought when you wake up in the morning: It's so good to be out of that truck... I'm soooo tired...
48. where do you see yourself in 10 years? Happy...
49. what religion are you? Technically, United.
50. favorite number(s)? 23
51. do you like the phone or computer better? Phone is more intimate. Computer is more social.
52. ever had an online relationship? Nope
53. when was the last party you went to? um... Erica's Halloween party, I guess.
54. when was the best party ever? Erica's Halloween party... (Vance)
55. most romantic thing ever done for you: Dunno
56. high school nicknames: see above nicknames.
57. boxers or briefs: I assume you don't mean on me... so, boxer all the way.
58. favorite teacher: Mr. Dowie
59. least favorite teacher: Mrs. Fernets
60. favorite web site: dunno
61. do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Yup... lots of them
62. 1 pillow or 2? 6
63. is the glass half empty or half full? What's in it?
64. pets/names: Ziggy, Bandit, Buddy
65. do you get along with your parents? Most of the time..
66. job: Muffin Girl / Confectionary Worker
67. hobbies: Vance, Ziggy
68. best advice ever given: Go on.
69. words/phrases you use to much: Fun, Yay, Sweet, Mlah... many more
70. coolest experience(s): Dunno.
71. scariest experience(s): Dunno.
73. favorite summer activity: Sleep.
74. have you ever gone skinny dipping?: Yup.
75. fave amusement park ride: Dunno.
76. special skills or talents: Dunno.
77. ever feel like you want to move out from your parents and live on your own: Everytime my Dad goes on the road and my sister lives with me.
78. characteristics you look for in a boy/girl: Are they Vance?
79. favorite food: Slurpee
80. least favorite food: Pepper
81. favorite vacation: Christmas
82. favorite subject: Graphic Arts
83. ever wonder why men have nipples? For fun.
84. favorite movies: Monty Python and the Holy GRail, Meaning of Life, Life of Brian, Bill and Ted, Mallrats, Clerks, Buffy, Chasing Amy, Little Mermaid,Better Off Dead... should i go on?
85. favorite part of your face:Eyes
86. favorite tv shows: What's a tv?
87. do you feel comfortable totally naked? Who am I with?
88. favorite music: EVERCLEAR!!
89. if you were stranded on a desert island and had food and water and other basic necessities, what two things would you bring along: Ziggy and Vance.
90. favorite animals: Dogs
91. what are you most afraid of?: Sadness
92. favorite day of the week: Wednesday ( i was born on one and it's payday!!!)
93. have you ever had a near death experience?: Nope
94. favorite holiday: Didn't we already do this question?
95. favorite things to wear: Overalls.
96. what part of yourself are you most self-conscious of?: Dunno... All of me?
97. favorite part of the newspaper: Movies.
98. would you rather do a math problem or write a poem?: Math
99. sex before or after marriage:Both
100. pro-life or pro-choice: Pro-choice for other, Pro-life for me
101. ever tried drugs: Nope.
102. do you drink?: Yep.
103. ever had your heart broken?: Kinda... Ripped out, but never broken.
104. are you happy with the way things are going right now in your life? Pretty much...
105. favorite jelly belly flavor: Black.
106. what is the most important thing in your life?: Ziggy, Vance, Robin, Mmmuffins
107. dominant hand: Right
108. favorite color?: Blue
110. parents' names?: Merv... and my mom's name was Jan, but she kind of died...
111. what do you want to be?: Happy.
112. how many kids do you want to have? Lots
113. when do you want to get married? When I want to.
114. if you could meet one famous person, who would it be? Dunno.
115. say one nice thing about the person that sent this thing to you: Everyone sent this to me, but seeing as i'm reply in Vance's, I'll ahve to say that everything about him is nice and it's mean to make pick out one specific thing.