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Audiophile's Profile

1. full name: Mackfrenzy
2. date of birth: June 18, 1979
4. hair color? I dunno, brown?
5. eye color? Blue
6. height: 5'9?
7. weight: 315 Mother Fucking Tree Tipping Campground Fence Opening Pounds
8. favorite toothpaste? Sand
9. where do you live?: I'm an official liscenced nomad
10. school?: yes?
11. sibs: 3 Brother's 2 Sister's
12. nickname: Audiophile, Tubby, Tits, Pedophile
13. bf/gf?: I thought maybe, but I guess not
14. close friends:Dog Pound and anyone else with a fucking nice car
15. funniest person you know? ME FUCK
16. favorite shampoo/ conditioner? Whale Fat
17. favorite perfume/cologne: FUCK CK, I'm the reason people invented calogne, my own fucking stench is my weapon
18. do you make fun of people? Yes, but only the bad ones
19. whats your dream car? A Mustang II or a chopped caddy
20. piercings: 3 bullet wounds and a spear through the leg
21. favorite ice cream: Cheesecake
22. favorite soda: Anything with fizz
23. when is your bedtime? Whenever she wants to hit the hay
24. favorite book: How to make love all night and drive a woman wild.
25. have you ever broken a bone? Yes, Dog Pound's leg
26. ever cheated on a test? No
27. do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in love at first bite
28. do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or blah romantic? I'm a helpless pennyless romantic
29. are you into PDAS? It's PDF and yes it's a good format
30. pool or hot tubs? Hot Tub
31. thunderstorms- exciting or deadly? High in Cholesterol
32. tall or short? Tall or short with booty to spare
33. when was the last time you took a shower? About an hour ago
34. do you have aol? I don't even have a cpu
35. best feeling in the world: Shooting Someone
36. worst feeling in the world: Being Shot, and Shot down by a woman
37. if you could change one thing about the past what would it be? I fucking wouldn't have eaten that brick of butter that put me over the top
38. do you have braces? Does a training bra count?
39. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I want the appetite of a rabbit
40. who is your role model? Jay Leno
41. favorite fast food restaurant: McDonalds
42. least favorite fast food place: Wendy's
43. where did you go to elementary school? This should explain my nomadness.. Alvin Buckwold, Hugh Cairns, Kamsack Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Massey Elementary and prolly a couple more that I can't think of.
44. what is your most humiliating moment? Last Saturday (Canada Day)
45. guys, with or without hats? Women with booootaaaay
46. favorite soundtrack: Kingpin
47. 1st thought when you wake up in the morning: SHIT, in the dream I was a fucking stud, what happened?
48. where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hair Club for Men
49. what religion are you? AXL ROSE IS MY GOD
50. favorite number(s)? 7
51. do you like the phone or computer better? Phone if I'm comfortable talking to that person
52. ever had an online relationship? no
53. when was the last party you went to? Douglas Lake Yesterday I guess
54. when was the best party ever? Fight Club in January
55. most romantic thing ever done for you: Nothing
56. high school nicknames: Bear, Tits, The Wall.... FUCKING STUD
57. boxers or briefs: Boxers
58. favorite teacher: Dave Seamer
59. least favorite teacher: Mrs Goodfreind was a fucking mean ho.
60. favorite web site:
61. do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No
62. 1 pillow or 2? 2 pillows or 4 titties
63. is the glass half empty or half full? let's just say halfway
64. pets/names: Penis/Mr. Cock
65. do you get along with your parents? I get along with my parent
66. job:No
67. hobbies: Stereos, Cars (even though I'm carless) and booty
68. best advice ever given: Grab booty no matter what age it is, it will always be rewarding
69. words/phrases you use to much: whatever, will you be my friend.. I have money, I like your ass/boobs
70. coolest experience(s): I had many a cool experience in my rented Malibu
71. scariest experience(s): moving out with a dream
73. favorite summer activity: Driving around, Having Sweet Campground Sex
74. have you ever gone skinny dipping?: No
75. fave amusement park ride: The Scrambler has all the honey's on it
76. special skills or talents: I can spell my own name I think
77. ever feel like you want to move out from your parents and live on your own: gee....I think maybe yes
78. characteristics you look for in a boy/girl:a nice person...with an ass and boobs
79. favorite food: perogies, burgers and pizza is good
80. least favorite food: Sour Kraut
81. favorite vacation: The time I went to the titty squeezer bar
82. favorite subject: Dallas's Anaconda
83. ever wonder why men have nipples?Men have nipples?
84. favorite movies: Strange Brew
85. favorite part of your face: The women actually say it's the tongue, does that count?
86. favorite tv shows: TV SUX
87. do you feel comfortable totally naked? If I am injected with 500 cc's of Valium yes
88. favorite music: I hate that question
89. if you were stranded on a desert island and had food and water and other basic necessities, what two things would you bring along: A plane full of friends, and a plane full of bootyful women
90. favorite animals: Cats
91. what are you most afraid of?: Spitfire discontinuing our pleasure sessions
92. favorite day of the week: Friday
93. have you ever had a near death experience?: I got in Dallas's car and I thought it was really on fire when he went fast
95. favorite things to wear: Clothes that actually fit are a plus
96. what part of yourself are you most self-conscious of?: Fuck your just asking for another sob story if you ask any more fat people that queston you dumbass survey. My fucking lard is quite a hinderance.
97. favorite part of the newspaper: When it creates heat by burning it
98. would you rather do a math problem or write a poem?:Poem
99. sex before or after marriage: sex before, during, and after
100. pro-life or pro-choice: Pro-creation
101. ever tried drugs: Yes
102. do you drink?: Yes
103. ever had your heart broken?: Yes
104. are you happy with the way things are going right now in your life? FUCK NO
105. favorite jelly belly flavor: Grape
106. what is the most important thing in your life?: Happiness
107. dominant hand: Left
108. favorite color?: Black
110. parents' names?: Darrly & Marcella
111. what do you want to be?: A porn star
112. how many kids do you want to have? I want to spread my seed to all the fine ladies that are willing.
113. when do you want to get married? (shrug)
114. if you could meet one famous person, who would it be? Famous people don't do much for me
115. say one nice thing about the person that sent this thing to you: Fuck no one sent this to me, I had to get it myslef... FUCK YOU ALL