A little Rappablords history

This was forwarded to me a very long time ago during a long day in CST by my pal Jay B (then known as Kehfee). Within these paragraphs the idea of the rappablords is conceived, which gave birth to the popular site you know and love today. Soon after this time, Jay B teamed up with Larmal in an attempt to wipe out the rappablords site which was growing exponentially in both size and power. Together they formed a site, originally conceived as PlanetBastard, but later re-named to ExtremeJerks with a mean staff which would rival the rblords posse. This war is still on today, now please take a moment to read this golden nugget of rblords history:

Date: Friday Oct. 8th/1999


Its time to talk about the new declared leaders of the SCSI Rappablords. They are listed in order of importance from least to greatest. I-ROTH, X-ROTH, Z-ROTH, and |<-|'/\ |p (Loose Translation of machine code) These are the leaders of the Blords. I-ROTH is the leader of the weakest clan called the BloRdS. X-ROTH leads the MegAblOrdS, and Z-ROTH is the leader of the most evil and powerful group the SCSI RAPPABLORDS. |<-|'/\|p is and Overblord and I don't know anything about him except that he keeps it real. There are some artist compositions of each provided.



|<-|'/\ |p