An Open Letter to the Unfaithful

The world has torn itself asunder in the last century, truly pushing the limits of everyone's faith. Wars against brutal tyrants, proveyors of evil so great that the existance of God was not only proven by, but necessitated in the presence of the goodness and righteousness of those who stood to oppose, and then later questioned as to why such atrossities would be allowed to occur under the rule of "a god of love". Wars where children were asked to give their lives claiming a hill, only to be ordered to abandon it after seeing half their friends die for it, and all seem for so little that the existance of anything good seemed impossible

And now, with today's pop-pyschology telling you that you are not accountable for any of your actions, and providing many different medical names for "laziness," it is becoming increasingly more difficult to explain exactly what Jesus was talking about, and it is easy to see, if not to accept, why so many blasphem. In a world where those that claim to have spoken with God are labeled insane and pushed away, where the evil go not only unpunished, but rewarded, with governments that place the needs of homosexuals above the needs of their children's, and where equality is defined by "per capita" and "affirmative action" prgrams, it can be hard to accept a system that requires you to allow people to take advantage of you, and to then "offer up to him the other cheek as well."

Christianity being a system where one is expected not only to lose, but in many cases to 'throw the game,' is something that seems hard to accept in this increasingly material world. Certainly, if the only standards of measurement where the ones that draw us to the Fox Network, Christanity would rate a gigantic zero. A religion, that expects one to lend to his brother without expecting him to repay certanily doesn't sit well from a buisness point of view. A code of behavior that commands one to love reproach would hardly make for a good episode of Springer. A system of values that denies revenge would hardly be a suitable premise for a WWF pay per view. All this, and a rulebook that forbids you from testing the existance of God that created it.

In today's modern world of computers and science, where sheep are cloned and not even the law of gravity remains to be broken, is it hard to understand why more and more people are denying the cross? Does Jesus pay your bills? Did St. Peter fill your last insulin perscription? If God is real, than why did he let Grandma die? More and more people are asking such questions, asking that if God is real why doesn't he show himself?

Christianty, in the entire histroy of man, has certainly been the most abused, and missrepresented religion there has ever been. The tyrannical have often used Christianity as a vehicle of oppression, as a means to personal gain, and as an excuse to murder those who would oppose them. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Yet in the very founding principles of christianity, one is expected to accept such suffering. Evidently, being Christian is about seeing how hard you can get your ass kicked, and even in that you are prohibited from bragging.

What good is God then? Are we only to be accountable for ourselves, by ourselves? In the face of all that is logical, of all that is popular, and of all that is quantifiable, how can anyone possibly beleive? Christians call this faith. Pyschologists call it dellusional architechture. How can one prove the existance of a God that claims to have created the earth and everything that is in it, but has offered no proof of his existance since the time his people were writing in dirt and throwing stones at each other?

God cannot be measured. Jesus cannot be catalogued, photographed, weighed, or quantifed in anyway. The holy spirit cannot be identifed on the periodic table of elements. Faith cannot be made to resonated at a certain frequency, and there are no mathematics to simply the twelve appostles. So then God cannot exist. Jesus is a farce. By all that is logical this has to be true. All things being equal, the simpliest answer is most likely the correct one.

Quantify for me the emotion Love. Give me a scale to measure it by. Give me an equation to justify it. Give me a photgraph. Love cannot be quantified either. Does love not exist? Do you deny having the emotion? The notion is simply ludicrous. Love is something everyone, at some point in his life, is confronted with, and interesting enough, the altar of which every Christian fundemental rests upon.

"And if I have the gift of prophecy, all know all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing." 1 Corinthians 13:2

Some people would cast down the non beleiver. Some would point a finger and shout "herratic." Some would stand downtown with a sign stating "Jesus died for your sins." Some try to prove Jesus with guilt. Some try to prove Jesus by changing his word to fit popular opinion. Some try to win the hearts of the masses with the "Veggie Tales" and "Davie and Goliath" cartoons. Some fight their governments removal of the Lord's Prayer from public schools. Some will condemn you to Hell, and others simply "forgive."

I ask only that you hold someone you love. The rest is up to you.