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soul_d's bio

1. full name: Soul Devourer
2. date of birth: 01/07/79
4. hair color? red
5. eye color? blue
6. height: 6'4" (shorter than vance)
7. weight: 178lbs
8. favorite toothpaste? mint
9. where do you live?: sutehrland
10. school?: don
11. sibs: one sister
12. nickname: They call me cowboy, a bad ass in black
13. bf/gf? no
14. close friends: not anymore.
15. funniest person you know? DARREN "HEY LADIES" MILLS!!!!!
16. favorite shampoo/ conditioner? doesn't matter I don't have enough hair for it to.
17. favorite perfume/cologne: Micheal Jordon
18. do you make fun of people? yes
19. whats your dream car? 1974 Mustang Series II.... pft 70 hemicude
20. piercings: never on purpose
21. favorite ice cream: vannilla
22. favorite soda: Cow Brand
23. when is your bedtime? varies
24. favorite book: don't read anymore
25. have you ever broken a bone? yes
26. ever cheated on a test? yes
27. do you believe in love at first sight? yes
28. do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or blah to romance? how about dumb?
29. are you into PDAS? yes, but saying PDA means you have no penis.
30. pool or hot tubs? TUB 98 TUB 99 TUB 2K HELL YEAH
31. thunderstorms- exciting or deadly? depends on if you are steven or watching steven. Once I drove my dodge through a storm cell over and over again trying to find a tornado with Graeme. The year before that we fought in the plow-wind with the debris that was blowing around.
32. tall or short? short blondes, short glasses, TALL MAN OH FUCK!
33. when was the last time you took a shower? bathe usually, but last show was on tuesday.
34. do you have aol? I have aol coasters.
35. best feeling in the world: being part of something special with someone.
36. worst feeling in the world: losing your illusions.
37. if you could change one thing about the past what would it be? I would make damn sure that the Saxons conquered france in 1498.
38. do you have braces? not anymore
39. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I don't like being right all the time.
40. who is your role model? Murray Heck
41. favorite fast food restaurant: The Home Depot.
42. least favorite fast food place: TACO BELL * DO NOT GO IN THERE *
43. where did you go to elementary school? sutherland/greystone heights.
44. what is your most humiliating moment? One time I was with some "friends" at this bar and something was wrong with me. At first I thought I was doing it, but I couldn't stop and then they all stopped talking and stared at me, and I felt really bad.
45. guys, with or without hats? Men without Hats?
46. favorite soundtrack: Who made who maybe? I dunno as far as soundtracks go. The Dukes of Hazard was pretty kickin'.
47. 1st thought when you wake up in the morning: About the dreams that won't stop.
48. where do you see yourself in 10 years? Standing on a runway in San Diego, a couple purple hearts and I move a little slow. Probably running the Sanden still.
49. what religion are you? Ukranian Greek Orthodox
50. favorite number(s)? 7
51. do you like the phone or computer better? phone
52. ever had an online relationship? If hatemail and elctro-stalking counts
53. when was the last party you went to? last offical party was at this Jeff guy's place.
54. when was the best party ever? Probably the one I can't remember.
55. most romantic thing ever done for you: One time this girl gave me a valentine that read "I want you dead." that's as close as it gets.
56. high school nicknames: I think it was Little Admiral Tom Axl Obe Van Wan Petty Halen Kanobe.
57. boxers or briefs: boxers
58. favorite teacher: Fernets... PEKUSH!!!
59. least favorite teacher: beaman
60. favorite web site: without a doubt,
61. do you sleep with a stuffed animal? no
62. 1 pillow or 2? Two
63. is the glass half empty or half full? Half Full. Then I think, damn, fill it up.
64. pets/names: DOG/Midge
65. do you get along with your parents? yes
66. job: Apprentice Pressman @ Mercury Graphics.
67. hobbies: Guitar, cars, Clayton, Body Building.
68. best advice ever given: Pretty much anything Axl Rose ever said. But one thing that didn't come from Axl: One of the older guys from work told me once, "Sometimes you are riding on the Bunny Bus [retard/old people bus] and you are standing, and you are looking around and everyone else has got a seat, and you're mad because you want to sit down too. But don't be mad." I said to him "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" He told me to think about it, and the next day it hit me, and I was like "woah."
69. words/phrases you use to much: "cool" (yeah real fucking cool)
70. coolest experience(s): When I went to see Kiss with Graeme and Shannon Tweed. After that, the first time I fingered a girl.
71. scariest experience(s): Dancing with the devil.
73. favorite summer activity: sun tanning. Laying around on the grass. Stuff that is easy.
74. have you ever gone skinny dipping?: No.
75. fave amusement park ride: The Casino
76. special skills or talents:

Talents: Guitar, writing... yeah.
Skills: good eye for color, I could wn a war with my knife and a stick if the war was against the blind.
/\/\ad Skilz: My Kung-fu is the best.

77. ever feel like you want to move out from your parents and live on your own: yes.
78. characteristics you look for in a boy/girl: Well, I like them about 5'7", 130lbs, with chin length blonde hair, blue or green eyes. I also like girls with dark hair. And I liek how all dem girsl they move dem bodies. Moreover, I like girls to be nice at heart.
79. favorite food: Steak
80. least favorite food: Fungus.
81. favorite vacation: The time I went to Minneapolis with my family.
82. favorite subject: BIOLOGY! I dunno, I hate school.
83. ever wonder why men have nipples? no.
84. favorite movies: Vanishing Point 1970
85. favorite part of your face: ?!?! what?
86. favorite tv shows: Tour of Duty
87. do you feel comfortable totally naked? not really
88. favorite music: GNR
89. if you were stranded on a desert island and had food and water and other basic necessities, what two things would you bring along: Probably a Harrier and some bombs so that I could get off that fucking island and get revenge on whoever put me there.
90. favorite animals: George "The Animal" Steel, Pantera.
91. what are you most afraid of?: At one point I was like "No Hope equals No Fear," but now I'm like I'm like "Fuck, what gives?"
92. favorite day of the week: Friday I'm in love.
93. have you ever had a near death experience?: Not counting the time when I was hanging with Keifer Sutherland, I have had two.
94. favorite holiday: Independance Day. Cause I make it a holiday for myself, and no one else gets it. That's mine.
95. favorite things to wear: I like my necklace with the silver cross on it. And I like my white shirts.
96. what part of yourself are you most self-conscious of?: Lately my Anaconda because steven and YC keep trying to throw rocks at it.
97. favorite part of the newspaper: "Headlines in Brief" or whatever cause I hate to read.
98. would you rather do a math problem or write a poem?: I wrote a poem once that sounded like a math problem. an excerpt:

"Got stone cold logic calculating a mental disease
But reduction by deduction yeilds absurdities
And I don't really understand why reason's always wrong
But when I try to apply the math I end up more withdrawn
Got a problem with illusions that I can't rationalize
When everything is perfect why doesn't it materialize?
That this girl will not love me is a problem I can't solve
But if I can't complete the proof I fear I will dissolve
These things that should be simple turn out to be complex
Said I can't help but wonder what I'll lose at next
And why I keep on going is an enigma of the soul
I guess I keep hoping she'll finally make me whole"
Mental Disease 1998 I think.

99. sex before or after marriage: Good question.
100. pro-life or pro-choice: N/A
101. ever tried drugs: yes
102. do you drink?: yes
103. ever had your heart broken?: It's still breaking.
104. are you happy with the way things are going right now in your life? Fuck no.
105. favorite jelly belly flavor: The pink ones.
106. what is the most important thing in your life?: having a kid before I get to old to play with him when he's ten and has no friends.
107. dominant hand: That would be MINE! (right)
108. favorite color?: black
110. parents' names?: Tom and Vera
111. what do you want to be?: Better than Clayton.
112. how many kids do you want to have? 4
113. when do you want to get married? last year.
114. if you could meet one famous person, who would it be? Axl Rose
115. say one nice thing about the person that sent this thing to you: Clayton is a special kind of person that brings sunshine and rainbows into the lives of his friends, and tears to the eyes of his enemies.