How Yamaha's Work - by Soul_D

This is the story of how Yamaha's work.

I was awoken early Thursday morning, much to my chagrin. Staring at my alarm clock, I relized that it was indeed I who had decided to arise at the unholy hour of 8:15 am. I prepared myself for the day, slowly, with grapefruit juice and a Vitamin C supplement. After which I left the house to partake in my exercises, which were most enlightening. Feeling alright, I left the gym bearing 115 degrees and arived at All-Star Show Productions, where I briefly met with Tony, who informed me that neither Doug, or my Gemini Power Conditioner were in the building. This left me feeling not so much angery, but dissapointed. However, I discussed Yamaha at length with Tony, and decided to return to my home, and begin the reglorifaction of my system. Sound System's for Worship in hand, and determination in my heart, I began my quest to determine why my system was not loud enough. I began the ancient art of trouble shooting, which is an involved process of unplugging cables one by one. I had determined that there was a problem with my tweeters, specifically, an impedance problem. At this point I phoned Brian at Mother's Music, and after a brief discussion, he concluded that I needed to bring the S115IV's in for inspection. I returned to my rack to ponder this delema. Much to my suprise, as I was staring at the system indicators, there was a loud snap, and the smell of insulation, then all was silent, and quite powerless. The snap, I discovered was from the surge suppressors breaker. I reset this breaker, and was soon rewared with a 60hz hum, which lasted for but 2 seconds before blowing the breaker. I decided that the P4500 needed to accompany me on my venture to Mother's.

Brian worked hard, and after rewiring the S115IV's, and replacing the P4500 courtesy of Yamaha's 3 year unconditional warranty, I was well on my way to sound.

Friday, I picked up my system and re installed the components in the living room. First, I tested the system with The Rolling Stones' "Love is Strong." I was rewarded with much cripers highs, and much more rolling lows. I was pleased. The Amps were function perfectly. At this junction, I decided to see what it could do.

I replaced The Rolling Stones with Bon Jovi's "It's my life." Setting the crossover gains to the Fuckin Loud position, I squated before my rack, and confidently pressed the play button.

It knocked me on my fucking ass.