Why I like Linux

I am planning on simply blabbing out my thoughts in this article so if you find this sort of content boring, please don't bother to read it.

Let me start by saying that I run a small linux server in my home which houses this webpage, along with other services as well. I became interested in the operating system after seeing mrp run it for so long.

Coming from a strictly Amiga background I was always quite disgusted with the quality of the Windows operating system, and I unfortunately developed a negative attitude towards all PCs in general, until I encountered Linux. I have never been that crazy about CLI's in the past, but I base most of that conviction on DOS which in my opinion isn't really an operating system anyway.

After reading through linuxsucks.com I was quite angered after reading the document entitled "Top Reasons why Linux Sucks". I have spent my entire life as a geek listening to fellow geeks bicker and argue about why their computers are better and why one operating system is superior to another, but the one crowd that has always bothered me the most is the Windows supporters. Or perhaps I should say the people who bash everything except for (sometimes even including) Windows.

The fact of the matter is that these people usually have no idea what they are talking about and no grounds to base their opinions on. Quotes like "Well then why do the majority of people use Windows?" absolutely shock me to hear. I don't know...why did VHS become a standard over the superior BETA format? Better marketting!

The number one reason I like Linux is because it does everything I want to do, it does it well, it does it free, and there are (surprise) more software selections out there than windows. Sure I have to admit Linux is a little scarey to get used to. Hell, when I started running linux in September I barely knew how to reboot the damned thing, and now I feel quite comfortable in it.

I also love the fact that Linux always tells you exactly what is happening and never hides any information from the user. This is much better than Windows booting up with the pretty flash screen and me wondering what the hell its doing. Then Windows crashes for no reason and I have absolutely no idea where to get started in figuring out why it did so. Guess its time for another re-install...

I don't know exactly where this article was going but I just wanted to vent my anger at the naive people of the world who bitch at people just because they appear smarter than they are. I wonder if they realize that if those geeks ever dissapeared then there probably wouldn't be anymore computer enhancements.

In conclusion, I run 3 main machines here: A P200 running linux, a Dual-550 Celeron running Windows 2000 and an Amiga1200 running AmigaDOS. Out of the 3, my favorite to use is probably the Amiga, followed by the linux machine, then Windows. I know it sounds sick, but I find linux to be quite a 'fun' operating system to poke around in. I understand however, that a person needs to have a little 'geekness' inside of them to truely appreciate it. Oh yea, and chicks dig Linux!!