Girls that drive YC crazy

Well Well Well.....welcome to YC's 2 hottest women in a TV series.

I have 2 choices here for you both of which drive me crazy. They stem from my two basic preferences for women. I mean sure women can be hot and stuff, but there are two attributes that get me all "randy" as Austin Powers would say.

So, here's the two things that float my boat:

So enough suspense for you all. I will now reveal to you the two girls who inspire me to sit on my ass for at least 2 hours each week to watch them and dream.

The first winner, and i'm sure you all know her already, is Sarah Michelle Gellar. Now your probably saying to yourself "how can he pick her, she doesn't fit his number 2 attractive attribute". Well, ok so she isn't a larger than average girl, BUT she kicks so much ass and is so damn dominant that she takes attribute number one to a whole new level and more than compensates for attribute number two. I tell you, I see her running around, in those hot clothes she always wears, and beating the crap out of big ugly guys and the hormones start running rampant. I'm telling you, she can kick my big ugly ass any time she wants. I have had a long term fascination with this girl and she has been at the top of my list from the first time i saw her.

The second winner, who probably none of you will know by name, is Katherine Heigl. I am a member of the rappablords seti team, and so am very interested in hot alien babes, and well to be frank, there are no alien babes hotter than this one. From the first time I saw her on Roswell I have wanted to be with this hot alien babe no questions asked. Now Katherine fits both of my criteria for attractiveness. She is a slightly larger than average girl, yet she is hotter than almost all tiny little women AND she is tough. She may not slay vampires or beat the hell out of people, but she is confident and looks like a chick you might lose a wrestling match too (ahhhh that is forming a very nice daydream). Add a very nice face and beautiful hair to the mix and you have my dream girl.

So to sum it up these two women are undisputedly very very attractive. They have saved me from a few boring afternoons (getting these pictures takes time, and I do it the old fashioned way, not like spitfire who just gets his from Mr. P). So, take some time to gawk, drool, and behold the two women that are decreed the two hottest women in a TV series by YC.