Us people today, aint done shit

Ok, so this weekend I watched the first half of "Gladiator" again. Then I got bored so I went downstairs and played some hack'n'slash, and then broodened my empire in global war.

While I was sitting their waiting for spitfire's slow ass bbs I got to thinking. What does our civilization have to leave behind? The roman's had all these things that we still can't figure out how they did, like build the colliseum. Anyway, they have all these huge impressive statues and buildings and an interesting history. We look back at them in awe and wonder. They did amazing things that are still amazing today. Look are these two stadiums, does one look more impressive than the other? No I don't think so, yet one was built hundreds of years earlier than the other.

I have to wonder, when our civilazation comes to an end (and it will, probably by our own doing) what will people say about us when the next civilazation forms? Will they look at us and see how our technology increased, but the condition of the planet and life worsened? Have we left any impressive architecture behind? Not that I can see.