YC Speaks his mind

Well, what a great world we live in, technology evolving constantly all around us. It's so great, just take the internet for example. If it weren't for the internet you wouldn't be reading this crap, you wouldn't beable to tell off people that you know can't do a damn thing about it, hell, you wouldn't even beable to be recruited for some kind of religous cult. I am constantly bombarded with adds and magazine articles telling me how great the internet is, "it's an educational tool" or "it's a communication tool" blah blah blah. Whatever, I know what it's really for. What your not supposed to konw is that the internet was actually started by multiple religious groups.

Think about it, I mean what the hell, why would you bust your ass going door to door pissing people off and telling them they will go to hell if they don't listen to you when you could just sit on your ass infront of a monitor and piss off way more people in way less time? Lately others have realized this and are trying to get a piece of the pie.

If you don't believe me then just try something out for me. Go into your icq details and change all your preferences to be badass stuff, change your religous background to be satanic or atheist, change your hobbies to some anti-religous stuff etc, you get the picture. I can guarentee that in the next few days you will have people sending you messages trying to get you to turn into a christian, or protestant, or JW (I think there is a new religion called IJW cuz the original JW's are still hard core door to door recruiters, old school all the way baby). Anyway, if I took every bible i've been offered on icq i don't think i'd have room to live in my apartment.

So, i have to ask myself, why do all of these people feel the need to try and send me bibles and show me the path to god and the land of milk and honey and supercomputers with hot alien women. Is there some kind of program that i don't know about, do these people have "frequent holy miles" cards or something "collect 10 conversions and get a go to heaven free card"??? I mean come on, next thing you know they're going to be asking if they can transfer their air miles to the church.

However, although i despise this underground organization, it is there and I will not be able to get rid of it. But, they don't even have a logo, so I have designed one for them because every evil organization needs a logo.

Another question I have to ask is when did not being part of a major religion become a bad thing? Why do people think that because I am not christian or a JW or IJW or buhdist or what ever sheep group you like, that for some reason there is something wrong with me and i need their help? Well, I don't believe in their god, so I guess i'm screaming for help to be swooped up in the arms of a holy miles card holder so that i may be saved before it is to late. Well then, condemn my ass to eternal damnation in hell if you want, cuz i'll take that before I start grazing so you can get one holy mile closer to the holy land.