YC's Views

So, the other day I stopped by spitfires house before we went to a movie, we were waiting for his gf and watching jonovision (clay's first time watching it apparently). They were having a nice little discussion on how the newest wave of teen idles are just a bunch of young sluts with no talent. They basically made the observation that they are all cookie cutter versions of each other. I can see their point. What they were also talking about is how these young women should be acting more like role models for young girls instead of slutty whores for young boys. I mean come on, Brittney Spears is hot, not many people will argue that point, but besides a pretty face, a nice rack, and a good body, she's just an average person who got lucky. Her voice sucks and she's not that great a dancer. She doesn't even sing live, she needs her recordings touched up before they're good enough for the public.

Anyway, something here that really pisses me off, while they were calling them slutty looking whores, girls from the audience kept standing up and saying "we should be able to wear whatever we want without worrying about people thinking we're sluts". To that I say NO YOU SHOUlDN'T. Then one of them said something about how in the 60's women could wear whatever they wanted. To that I say that's because in the 60's women were taking their pants off more often than putting them on. Do you think you could wear a chicken suit to the mall without getting treated differently? NO, didn't think so, so why should you be able to dress like a slut without getting treated like one? If you aren't out there to show off and pick up guys then what motive do you have to dress in a way that shows off a lot of bare skin? You don't see guys walking around a mall wearing speedo's, but you do see girls walking around wearing a sports bra with no shirt on and a short skirt or something, and they bitch and whine when people think they look slutty. If your so damned determined to be different then you get everything that goes with it, and that happens to include getting treated like shit some times.
So, how about those indians, I have another good story about them every day. Last week my friend who works at safe way had a good one for me. As he was leaving work and on his way across the parking lot he saw an old lady putting groceries into her van, he was still in uniform so he went over to ask if she would like some help, just as he does this a 20 year old guy comes around the corner of the van and says to him "What, you think just because we're indian's we always need help!". Fuck, that shit REALLY pisses me off. I honestly think that indians are MORE racist against white people that we are against them. I only have one comment on that issue, YOU WANT TO BE TREATED EQUAL, START PAYING FUCKING TAXES.

Well, other than that i'm about ranted out, work is still going good, I have a lot of plans for my car in the next few months, and I just set up an Athlon Thunderbird system which I currently have running at 1ghz. Speaking of that, I have an ABIT BE6 and celeron 566 capable of being 100% stable at 850mhz and I had it stable in win2k and winme at 935mhz in my system. I'm selling them along with a golden orb fan for $350, so buy it, YES I'M TALKING TO YOU :)