YC's October Rant

You know, I had about 5 good topics for this article and I forgot them all, so i'm just going to rant about some stuff.

Today as I was coming home I stopped at Dixon's gun shop to buy some 12 guage shells for my goose hunting expedition this weekend. Of course there is a hot girl working at the counter and you know she wouldn't be one of those stupid girls who get mad when guys proclaim they enjoy shooting things. Anyway, i'm on my way home from there and there is a car load of girls that look to be about 16. The looked kinda cute, but like usual good looks means empty head. Well the one in the passenger seat was leaning straight accross the person driving pretty much sticking her head out the window, she was waving for people to slow down or something and they were cutting people off left and right constantly. I can only assume they eventually got into an accident and if they didn't it's a miracle. Now I say to all you women that are good drivers, I implore that you beat chicks you see driving like this, they are the ones that give men the opinion that women are crappy drivers! It was moments like that when I really wished clayton was with me driving his belair so I could get him to pull in front of them and slam the brakes like he did to a guy on 8th street.

So Pierre Treudo or however it's spelled kicked the bucket. It's to bad I guess, although I still stand by my belief that nobody's death is more significant than the next so oh well. I do however enjoy watching him on tv. I also had the recent realization that Dallas looks just like him. Just you wait in 50 years dallas will look just like good'ol pierre. I also hope that an american president has called him an ass hole and he has visited castro. Not to mention crush the seperatists with an iron fist.

I remember one day I was having a discussion with a girl who's name I will not disclose and it had to do with fags. I believe we were discussing why there seems to be so many more people that are queer now. She comes out and says "Well i think it's because it's socially acceptable now". WHAT, since WHEN was it socially acceptable. I sure as hell know that if I was gay and in a group of people I would not want them to know about it, especially if they were a bunch of younger straight guys. Damn, socially acceptable my ass.

Another thing, I always here people on tv and real life saying stuff like "what is the purpose of my life?". Well, I have the answer for you, everybody seems to miss the obvious answer. The answer is of course to have sex and reproduce. What the hell do you think the point of your life is? What is the point of every animals life on this planet, TO REPRODUCE so don't get cocky and think your any different.

So I here the other day on the news, that due to recent high gas prices all the big countries are bitching to the opec nations to boost fuel productions. You know what opec's response was, a big FUCK YOU! They said "You north americans need to get used to paying normal prices for oil so get used to it!". You know what I say? The americans always say they are so tuff and have such a powerful army, why don't they go make them produce more oil. I am sick of hearing the usa tout their strength and flex their muscles but nothing more. They are like the guy at school who walks around bragging about how he could beat up any person in school, but proceeds to avoid every fight he can. Stupid americans can kiss my Canadian ass.

Well, apparently larmal was talking to Bryce today and told him I had a job involving JSP programming and Bryce was surprised I had a job. Yes thanks for the vote of confidence their bryce, and you wondered why I picked Dave for my reference! But really, nothing against bryce, he's a good guy. Although I wish I hadn't missed him cursing today, that would have been grand. Also larmal informed me that he wants me to come in to the school and do a seminar on JSP. I suppose I could, actually I just got an icq from larmal and he wants to know for sure. Isn't that just how it goes, you learn something new and all of a sudden everybody wants a piece of you. I suppose the least I could do is go and help those lowly CST students "get their learn on"(imagine chris rock saying it) :)

Well, I am quite tired. I just installed winME and new detonator drivers for my tnt2 card and played some UT. Then I rememberd this article and how pissed clay would be if I kept promising it and not delivering like he is with his volare pictures. So here it is.

On a closing note, I have a quote that all CST students should live by: "Hard work may pay off in the future, but laziness pays off NOW!" There is just no argueing with that.